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Level of Significance

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  • Local
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  • National

Age (approx)






Height - 17m


Common name
Coolibah tree
Botanical name
Eucalyptus microtheca
Other name
Leichardt Tree
Individual Tree
Banana Shire (QLD)
Yaldwyn Street Taroom QLD 4420
  • Remnant (Scientific)
  • Outstanding species (Scientific)
  • Landscape (Social)
  • Landmark (Social)
  • Contemporary association (Social)
  • Park/Garden/Town (Historic)
  • Event (Historic)
  • Person/Group/Institution (Historic)
  • Attractive (Aesthetic)
  • Species/Location (Aesthetic)
Date of measurement
17 Dec 2014
Date of classification
02 Feb 2015

Statement of Significance

The tree is an outstanding example of its species and, at over 300 years old, is remnant native vegetation. It makes a significant contribution to the landscape in the main street of Taroom where it is an important landmark. It has contemporary association with the community who place a high value on the tree as a major tourist attraction and a valued and important part of the history of the historic town and the State's history. The tree is associated with early Prussian explorer, Ludwig Leichhardt and his epic expedition of discovery from the Darling Downs to the tip of the Cobourg Peninsula in 1844, during which time he marked the tree.
It is a magnificent looking tree and is a better than average example of its species in this location.


This tree is considered to be at least 300 years old. It is a famous landmark as the explorer Ludwig Leichhardt crossed the Dawson River in 1844 on his way to the Gulf Country. A sign placed in the branches of the tree reads LEICHHARDT TREE, but all blazes have been overgrown by the bark. A plaque attached to the tree is inscribed: Leichhardt, the explorer, passed over this track and marked this Tree in 1844. At the foot of the tree, facing east to the street, is a small concrete block with a metal plaque attached, on which is inscribed: THE LEICHHARDT TREE THE EXPLORER LUDWIG LEICHHART MARKED THIS TREE IN 1844 "LL.1844" DURING HIS OVERLAND JOURNEY FROM JIMBOUR QUEENSLAND TO PORT ESSINGTON NORTHERN TERRITORY THIS SETTING PROVIDED BY TAROOM LIONS CLUB


The tree is located in the centre of the town, on the corner of Yaldwyn and Kelman Streets.