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About this form

This Nomination Form has been developed to enable and encourage members of the community to provide detailed information about a significant tree (or group of trees) for nomination to the Register.

When gathering tree measurements for this nomination, please make sure that you have permission to enter the property on which the tree is situated. If the tree is on private property, you will need the owner’s permission before entering the site. If it is on Aboriginal land, you may require an entry permit. At all times, please demonstrate respect to the property owner and/or manager.

We appreciate your efforts in collecting accurate and detailed information. The more information you are able to provide about the tree, the quicker it will be for the Significant Tree Committee to process your nomination. The Significant Tree Committees are expert volunteers who donate their time to assess nominations. If you have urgent enquiries regarding a significant tree under threat, please contact the National Trust office in your state or territory.

You are able to save your form by clicking the ‘save’ button at the bottom of this page. This will allow you to return to complete your nomination at a later time. When you have completed all of the mandatory fields, please click ‘submit’. You will be contacted in due course regarding the success of your nomination.

Please take note of prior nominations listed when submitting new nominations to avoid duplicate nominations.

Nominator Details

Ownership Details

Please enter the ownership details of the property on which the tree is located.

Tree Details

Enter any local name give to this specimen, plantation or arrangement (e.g. "The Big tree")

Describe what is being nominated. Please tick relevant box or add another category.

Please tell us what method was used to collect these measurements:

Show guidelines on taking tree measurements

Person/s who planted tree(s) or occasion when tree(s) were planted (if known)

How does this tree compare with other trees of the same species that you are aware of?

Are there any known threats to this tree? Please describe these:

Are there any known existing heritage listings relating to this tree e.g. on a local Council heritage register, in a heritage listed park, garden or avenue? (You may need to research this information, including website searches perhaps):

Show heritage resources

Tree Location

GPS Co-ordinates - use the map below to find your latitude/longitude co-ordinates, or alternatively if you know your latitude/longitude co-ordinates type them in to check their map location

Tree Photos

Provide one or more high resolution (2MB to 4MB) digital images of the tree in its context. Provide any additional photographs including historical records with the source, where known.

Please include photos of the trunk, fruits, flowers and leaves to assist in identification.

Show guidelines on photographing trees
Add photo

- alternatively you can drag and drop in a photo file.

Enter notes about any materials you have attached in support of your nomination here:

Tree Significance

Please select all categories that apply:

Please state your reasons why the tree is significant. Include a sentence that explains and supports each category you have selected above.

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Please briefly summarise the tree(s) history. Include the history of the tree's location, and important dates and events that provide a context for the tree. You could include any data that substantiates its nomination.

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Describe where on the property the tree is located

Give any other reasons for your tree’s nomination that may place its significance beyond doubt.

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Name the person or organisation (if any), who would be willing to supply further information about this tree/s nomination:

If any matters concerning confidentiality associated with this nomination are known or suspected, please enter them here:


Legal Status of Trees on a National Trust of Australia Register of Significant Trees.

Acceptance on a State/Territory or National Register does not place any restrictions on an owner in regard to future management of the tree.

Acceptance to any Trust register does carry with it an expectation of goodwill and stewardship towards a registered tree by its owner and the local authority.

The tree owner and the local authority where a nominated tree is growing will be advised of any final acceptance to the Trust Register.