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Level of Significance

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  • Local
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Age (approx)






Height - 18m


Common name
Smooth-barked Kauri Pines, Hoop Pines
Botanical name
Agathis robusta, Araucaria cunninghamii
Toowoomba Regional (QLD)
Tourist Road Rangeville QLD 4350
  • Landscape (Social)
  • Landmark (Social)
  • Contemporary association (Social)
  • Park/Garden/Town (Historic)
Date of measurement
10 Sep 2013
Date of classification
14 May 2014
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Statement of Significance

The rich, fertile soil, temperate climate and the interest of many of its citizens in things botanical, has resulted in Toowoomba Region’s ability to grow a wide range of indigenous and non-indigenous plants. In 1860, the area was the first to hold an Agricultural Show in Queensland – 15 years before Brisbane. Walter Hill, the then Government Botanist and first curator of the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens, travelled to Toowoomba to advise with the design and planning of Queen's Park and street plantings in Toowoomba. He subsequently imported many tree species from Europe, Asia and other parts of the world to be planted there. Hill Street in Toowoomba is named in his honour. The town attracts many visitors in September for its famous Carnival of Flowers, where people come from near and far to enjoy Toowoomba’s many parks and gardens. This avenue leads up to Toowoomba's major tourist destination and is heavily used by tourists and locals to reach Picnic Point with its lookouts, walks, cafes, restaurant, parks, waterfall and meeting rooms. It is also a major traffic route.
This is a fairly young avenue and the trees are basically columnar rather than spreading in shape, so whilst the hoop pines are already meeting across the road the kauri pines are unlikely to do so for another 50 years or more.
It is already a significant avenue for Toowoomba and will become more so over time as the trees mature. Well managed kauri pines achieve great size in Toowoomba from about 100 years old.

Social Significance:
Contribution to landscape - this is an impressive avenue of young and semi-mature trees leading up to Toowoomba's major tourist destination.
Contemporary association with the community - the avenue leads to Picnic Point, the town’s major tourist destination.
Historic Significance:
Forms part of an historic park, garden or town.
Aesthetic Significance:
A really great looking avenue of trees.

The avenue is located between High Street and Picnic Point; the avenue is 600 m long.