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Level of Significance

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Age (approx)






Height - 32m


Common name
Norfolk Pines
Botanical name
Araucaria heterophylla
Gold Coast City (QLD)
Marine Parade Coolangatta QLD 4225
  • Outstanding size (Scientific)
  • Outstanding species (Scientific)
  • Landscape (Social)
  • Landmark (Social)
  • Contemporary association (Social)
  • Park/Garden/Town (Historic)
  • Attractive (Aesthetic)
  • Species/Location (Aesthetic)
Date of measurement
26 Jul 2014
Date of classification
11 Feb 2015

Statement of Significance

The trees are outstanding for their size and are outstanding examples of their species as a result of their height and large numbers. They make a significant contribution to landscape and provide a visual and environmental amenity offering shade to beach goers and picnickers. They are known widely as being an important and signature part of the beachscape at Coolangatta. The trees provide an important landmark and can be seen from a distance along the Gold Coast. The trees form part of an historic park on the Coolangatta foreshore. The trees have contemporary association with the community and are valued by residents and visitors as providing shade and ambience where they have become a signature component of the beachside area. They are majestic tall trees and the concentrated number offer an impressive visual impact in this area.
The trees are listed in the NTAQ Register as GCCC 1/66.


As the Gold Coast seaside settlements developed, the planting of Norfolk Pines became customary and part of the landscape. Norfolk Pines are well suited to coastal situations because of their high tolerance to salt and wind where, in Australia, they have become an iconic species. They were probably also used in coastal towns as landmarks for shipping. The first of these trees can be seen in photographs of Coolangatta taken in the 1930s but many more have been planted over the years to the original row, greatly increasing their numbers.
From the Gold Coast City Council Heritage Register: The Norfolk Pine trees (Araucaria heterophylla) at Coolangatta are historically significant in demonstrating the evolution of the Coolangatta foreshore as a place of public recreation. The planting of Norfolk Pine trees along the foreshore was an activity that made an influential contribution to the character and identity of the Coolangatta public foreshore space. Today, the mature trees form an important and signature part of the Coolangatta foreshore landscape and vista.


The trees are along the foreshore of Coolangatta from Kirra Hill and including Greenmount Hill and Rainbow Bay foreshore.