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Level of Significance

  • File
  • Local
  • Regional
  • State
  • National

Age (approx)






Height - 50m


Common name
White Fig
Botanical name
Ficus virens
Other name
Curtain Fig
Individual Tree
Cairns Regional (QLD)
Malanda Road, Yungaburra QLD 4884
  • Horicultural/Genetic (Scientific)
  • Remnant (Scientific)
  • Outstanding size (Scientific)
  • Outstanding species (Scientific)
  • Landscape (Social)
  • Landmark (Social)
  • Contemporary association (Social)
  • Park/Garden/Town (Historic)
  • Attractive (Aesthetic)
  • Unusual (Aesthetic)
  • Species/Location (Aesthetic)
Date of measurement
01 Jan 2013
Date of classification
09 Jun 2014

Statement of Significance

The tree is of horticultural value as a result of its curious growth formation and outstanding size and age. It is an outstanding example of its species of remnant native vegetation. It makes a significant contribution to landscape as part of this historic national park which was created to protect the tree and the surrounding mabi rainforest. It is an important landmark and has contemporary association with the community as one of the most popular North Queensland tourist attractions. It is an impressive looking tree, being a better than average example of its species, or a tree in its location.


The Curtain Fig Tree is at least 500 year old and one of the largest trees in north Queensland. It is set within rare mabi (complex notophyll vine) rainforest. (The name 'mabi' is derived from a local Aboriginal word for the rare Lumholtz's tree-kangaroo, the largest mammal found in this rainforest). The tree is valued for its immense size and the curtain effect which has developed over hundreds of years after the tree, having strangled its host, fell into a neighbouring tree and remained there at a 45 degree angle. This is unique in the development of the tree and caused a ‘curtain’ of aerial roots to form, roots that drop 15m to the forest floor. The tree's verdant and luxuriant growth has been valued by locals and tourists since the 1920s and evokes a sense of awe, wonder, amazement and curiosity. The tree has been important in the development of the Cairns hinterland as a major tourist region in Queensland. The Curtain Fig is one of the best known trees in Australia.


The tree is located about 1 kilometre outside Yungaburra on the road to Atherton. From the direction sign on the main road, a short drive along a narrow roadway leads to a small car park which is a 50 metre walk from the tree.